The new international order evolving in the Twenty-First Century involves governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations. It includes a vibrant and growing international public sector that is taking on an increasing number of management and regulatory functions. Government management has been studied for centuries, that of international organizations very little and of international non-governmental organizations not at all. The management of these organizations is becoming a key issue as the international public sector grows. Management is increasingly “results-based” where organizations are expected to plan strategically, program tactically and monitor and evaluate outcomes leading to the achievement of concrete objectives.

NGO Management Course in Kolkata

The NGO Management Course in Kolkata The certificate & diploma  in NGO Management is a two-course module designed for students and professionals looking to start or join an NGO as well as NGO staff seeking to deepen their knowledge and improve their practices, and for all those who wish to integrate in other types of careers an in-depth understanding of what have become essential components of international affairs.


UCNC Course program is based on a dual focus: a thorough exploration of the nature and role of non-governmental organizations and of the international context in which they are active, and a hands-on approach of the principles and practices of developing and managing an NGO.

UCNC Conduct NGO Management Course in Two Catagory

Certificate in NGO Management. ( Regular & Distance Mode )

Diploma in NGO Managment ( Regular & Distance Mode )

For Course Session & Curriculum Please Contact  NGO Course Co-ordinator : 8697223015