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Procedure to Regsiter Society under West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961 – A Non Governmental Organization is perceived to be a body of individuals or an association of persons. An association of persons with non-profit motive may be registered under any of the following Indian Acts.

You can Register under three Non Profit Entity in West Bengal all well as India – A) Society – Jurisdiction- West Bengal State , B) Trust – Jurisdiction- All Over India & C) Section 8 Company – Jurisdiction- All Over India .

NGOs Bangla run by Unified Council of NGO consultancy has been setup with a band of enthusiastic, trained and skilled personnel having their root in Bengali families. They are fond of serving the society and choose themselves to be tuned with such services for the betterment of the society. They dream a society where participatory order will be established and a society where there will be no violence and a society of justice and peace.

NGO Registration in Purba Medinipur

UCNC is attached to national and international network systems.

In a word UCNCs aim is to contribute to the promotion of various Clubs, Societies, NGOs, Trusts spread across West Bengal. It is because these social organizations are contributing to make the basic services reach at the remote corners of the districts, towns and villages.

UCNC believe that abiding by the government rules and regulations NGOs can establish examples in contributing in social progress.

Trust Registration in Purba Medinipur

To manage an NGO organization one needs to follow certain techniques and skills which should be fanatical, participatory, compassionate and compatible, need based, practical and social science oriented.

NGOs need an inflow of financial support, without which they may collapse. The NGOs should have proper managerial capacity to run the organization which needs expertise and technical know-how. Therefore they need proper vision, mission and strategic planning.

If we look at these organizations in West Bengal we can find out that they are mostly scattered because there is no transparency and openness to each other. Those who are working with more or less similar aims and objectives to reach to a common goal they are as the path finder could be included in our network. We want to make a bridge between the NGOs who are scattered for sharing their views and ideas, experiences, case histories and such other, their problems and aspirations to meet in an open platform for unfolding each one’s petals of qualitative excellence for a better tomorrow aiming at the journey of sustainable development.

 Here we are to extend our expertise to promotion and betterment of the societies, clubs, NGOs, CBOs in all aspects for institutional building and management efficiency . For more details Visit :